Hello students, teachers, and readers, welcome to my blog; Sadenglishlearning. You’re welcome to visit this site whenever you’re feeling sad, and let your sad emotions out on the comments box below. Well jokes apart, I come here to post what I think of the stories I read in a more sensible and mature manner. I hope the same for you, if you have comments to make whether you agree or disagree with them please do so! More specifically my visit  here will be to talk about the book I will be reading at this very moment, The Kite Runner by Khaled Houseini. This book revolves around guilt and redemption which takes place back in the war days and the soviets invasion to Afghanistan. I will be be connecting lots of specific events that happen in the book and will connect them to personal connections through the use of literary lenses. Well, for now this is all folks and I will stay in contact with you readers if I get the time to do so. Please be tuned in for the new posts as I will try making them once every week.

This is me Saad Ullah and i’m signing off.

Enjoy Blogging! 🙂